Be in prayer for this team who will be taking the Gospel to the Yagua this week in Peru. Pray not only for God to prepare a smooth path for them as they travel, but for good health and opportunities to witness as they go.

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Iquitos to Lima to DFW!!!

The team just arrived safely in Iquitos!  We were sad to say goodbye to our wonderful team of Peruvians, but are so blessed to have served with them this week.  It was a very encouraging week with many open hearts and seeds sown. It is such a well-established ministry and hundreds of lives are being touched regularly through the discipling ministry of Jake and the Peruvian team.  We were so blessed to see the fruit of the last many years of ministry and are so excited to see possibile doors opening for the future!

   We had moderately warm weather, not too many bugs, some wonderfully refreshing rain storms and only a few giant spiders and rats! We stayed in San Francisco the first 3 nights and in Hunta for the last 2.  The eye glass ministry was very well received and almost 300 people are able to see clearly now!  We pray that their spiritual eyes were opened as well! 

  The team is all in great health and rejuvinated after a shower instead of an Amazon bath, and we are about to do a little souvenier shopping and dinner at our favorite pizza place!  We will fly out around noon tomorrow and should arrive in Fort Worth around 12:40 Sunday afternoon!

   Thank you for your prayers this week… we saw the Lord do many amazing things and are grateful for the support we have from our church and families and friends~

         The Peru Team ~

   Julia, Raymond, Melinda and Amy

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I heard from Jake tonight and everything is going well. He sounded tired and verified that they had a tiring, but GOOD day. They visited 2 villages and had record-breaking numbers in attendance. I’ll let the others share more of the details later. I just wanted to let everyone know that the trip is going well so far! ~ Dodie

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This is Dodie writing on behalf of Julia and the team. They left at around 12:30 and asked me to post an update. Luckily, one bag made it to Iquitos on the 11 am flight this morning! This was Julia’s bag, so she was glad to have her things. The other, which contained some of the eyeglasses and a few of Raymond’s things is still in Lima. They will not let it through customs mainly because of the eyeglasses. We’ve spoken to them and they know what they are for, however the bag is not going anywhere for the moment. The team still has many more pairs of glasses with them, and Raymond packed extra clothing in other bags, so they should be ok. They will probably just pick the bag up on the way back through Lima.

Yesterday the group ran some errands and we had supper here. The pastor’s were unable to come, but maybe they’ll be another opportunity for them to take part in the eyeglass ministry later on. Everyone had no trouble falling to sleep last night! We all went to Aladino’s church this morning. I know it was a blessing for him because while he has been so faithful to go with the teams each time, this was the first time a team had visited his church.

I will try to keep you updated if I hear anything from Jake throughout the week.


Dodie Glover

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4 People and 6 bags made it to Iquitos!

Greetings from Iquitos!  We are thankful to have arrived safely and are thrilled to be spending time with the Glovers (and their pet miniture monkey) in their comfortable home!  There were some very tight flight connections due to delays, but the Lord allowed us to make it on each flight.  Thankfully we did not have to pay for any of our luggage which saved almost $300, but because of the tight connections 2 of our personal bags did not make it.  The airline hopes to have it to us in the morning before we go down the river, so we greatly appreciate your prayers for those to come in!!!  There’s not a local Wal-Mart to get clothing from here! 🙂 The weather is very mild today… hopefully we’ll have more to come!

     We look forward to using the eye glass ministry later this afternoon for a group of 20 Peruvian Baptist pastors who are gathered for a conference.  Should be a good way for us to practice before we go to the villages! We hope to train our Peruvian brothers how to do this ministry as well so it can be used in the future. 

  In the morning we get to worship with brother Alandino’s church, and then we will board the boat around lunch and begin travelling to Pebas.  Thank you for your prayers for safe travel and ministry opportunities along the way.  It is wonderful to be back and are excited to visit the churches in the villages!   Jake is able to come with the team down the river which we are so thankful for!  

   Thank you for your continued prayers~

  Julia, Amy, Raymond and Melinda

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Back to Frigid Texas

Our travel home went very smoothly. No problems with customs, connecting flights or lost baggage. We spent Saturday being tourists in Lima. This included going to the mall, shopping in the Indian Market, and resting at the IMB guest house. We had a nice team dinner at Chili’s before returning to the airport for our 11:45 pm flight.

The most interesting thing about the return home was to find Dallas blanketed in snow. From the plane, you’d have thought we were flying into Chicago. The 30-something temperatures were quite a change from the tropical temperatures we’d enjoyed the past week.

A special thanks to Mr. Art DeForde for driving the church shuttle to take us to the airport and to bring us home. We made it back in time to catch part of the sermon and sing with our church family in Texas.

Thank you to everyone who prayed and supported us on this trip. Much kingdom work was accomplished and we are humbled to have been a part of it.

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That’s a Wrap!

Our final day in Iquitos was a mixture of tourism and celebration. We took the team on the Amazon to a “zoo” where they held monkeys, sloths and even a mountain boa. On the way back, we went to an area where pink dolphins live. We were able to see them as they came up for air.

In the afternoon, we assisted Pastor Manual’s church do some door-to-door canvasing. One young man made a decision for Christ! We pray that God will continue to work among these faithful churches as they minister in some pretty impoverished areas.

The evening service consisted of a celebration of the week’s activities. We all praised God for the work that was done this week and for the dear friends that we have in Iquitos. They presented us with gifts and sang “Friends are Friends Forever” in Spanish. We enjoyed a nice meal together and bade all our friends farewell.

We are mostly packed and preparing for an early wake-up call. Our flight is at 7 am, so we leave at 5:30 am for the airport. The team is definitely tired and weary, but the thought of going home should give us that extra boost to push the tough travel schedule.

Thanks for your prayers. God blessed us immensely this week and much kingdom work was accomplished.

To God be All the Glory!

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Wednesday Updates

There is starting to a least be some similarities between our days as far as our activities, but in no way are the days monotonous or boring. On Wednesday, we painted the classrooms with the colored paint. The outside walls are light blue to represent the color of the sky. The interior walls are light gold to indicate the color of heaven.

In the afternoon, we assisted Pastor Joakim visit the houses surrounding his church. The gospel was shared and people invited to attend his church. He has been serving in his area for 2 years. His church is built on stilts in an area that seems proned to flood. It is near the Rio Nanay. We had to walk on some interesting “walkways” that led from the road to the houses. Obviously, some of these structures weren’t rated for Gringo’s but we had no problems.

The evening service continued with teaching about evangelism and discipleship at Monte de Dios. The power bracelets were demonstrated. The attendees were broken into groups where they made the bracelets and practiced sharing the Gospel with them. There were approximately 50 people in attendance. It is difficult to describe God’s presence during these services. On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary going on. However, knowing that we have had to alter our “plan” so many times and adjust to the circumstances, it is obvious that the smoothness of the events is only due to God’s guidance.  Ketnarly captured this thought well last night when she expressed surprise that everything seemed to go well despite so little preparation and no practice runs.

The team is doing well physically. We are increasing our relationships with the brothers and sisters here. Our existing relationships are growing and we are making new friends.

Today, we should finish painting the church and then head “down town” for some ice cream. We have to celebrate Miss Lindsie’s 17th birthday. Not sure what will happen this evening, but not concerned. “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Pray for team unity as the closeness of always being together, sharing one bathroom and living out of suitcases starts to wear on us. Pray that our focus remains on our calling here. Pray that the seeds we have planted continue to grow and a great harvest will result.

Please keep praying so that the trip will be pleasing to God. May He receive all the glory and honor.

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Obedience by Example

“Teach them to do ALL the things I have told you.” Matt 28:20

A clear message to the team on this trip is obedience. It is easy to say that just coming on the trip is obedience so we can check that one off our list for the year. However, our obedience is not marked in our acts, but in our heart. It is not what we do, but how we do it. It is readily apparent that this team desires to obey by the enthusiasm they exude and the willingness to do whatever we ask of them.

The morning of Tuesday (3/16) found us “painting” the classrooms in the building that we started working on last year. Painting is a loose term because they thin the paint to a watery consistency. It was more like simply staining the concrete walls and ceilings. The team worked hard and we completed the first coat for all 3 classrooms. The plan is to finish painting on Wednesday.

In the afternoon, we went door-to-door near the church of Pastor Alandino. We split into groups of Peruvians and Americans. We were simply inviting them to visit Alandino’s church. Two of the groups were able to witness and 8 people made decisions for Christ!

In the evening, we had movie night. A local American missionary allowed us to borrow his equipment and we showed “Narnia” at Pastor Leo’s church. There were over 200 people there to see a very good movie, but more importantly, Pastor Richar spoke after the movie about the symbolism of Aslan’s sacrifice. He also invited them back for a Friday night celebration.

We pray that as a team we continue to fully obey God’s leading because that will allow us as a group to be unified in His purposes. We have much to be thankful for on this trip. Here are the highlights:

  • God speaking through us that has led and will lead to people coming to Christ.
  • Growing relationships with the Peruvians.
  • Physical health. Other than some soreness from soccer, everyone is healthy.

Please pray for our team in the following manner:

  • For physical and mental stamina as the week continues. The Glover’s hospitality is wonderful, but being away from home this long can wear on most people.
  • Guidance on what to teach tonight. (Note, our initial plan has been altered multiple times. We may be on plan “E” or “F” by now. Merging American vs Peruvian is no small task…)
  • Clear direction on what to do in the Friday night service.
  • Continued health for the team.
  • Insights on future work with the Peruvians.
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Street Reach Day #1

Our schedule has turned out be something like the following in the evening. We go door-to-door in the neighborhood near the church we are working and invite the residents to the “conferencia” with “expositores internationales”. Robert/Stacie, Art/Guy, Jose/Sony, and Justin/Elisa, I bet you didn’t know you had “expositores internationales” in your family! To increase the interest, we marched through the streets with a banner that announced the conferencia with the expositores.

Our street work resulted in about 25 children and 15 adults coming to the evening conference. We taught them the meaning of the wordless book and how to make their own wordless book with construction paper. We learned that glue sticks don’t work very well in high humidity, but that didn’t seem to dampen their enthusiasm. We had good old Elmer’s glue that worked just fine.

Maybe tomorrow, we’ll add pictures to the blog. We have a cool video of two Peruvian boys talking the group through each page of the wordless book. Construction paper – $2.50/packet, Glue – $1/stick, seeing children teaching the truths of God – PRICELESS!

Hasta Manana!

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